A SWEET 61st Birthday Bash

To commemorate our 60th Anniversary, we had plans to do it up—big, bold, and beautiful.

However, that was 2020 and we all know what happened there. COVID-19 forced us to alter a lot of things and delay some special events, and our anniversary celebration being one of the more joyful of those.

We didn’t let it keep us down; we just delayed our celebration to this year – 2021.  Rather than our monumental 60th Anniversary, we celebrated Taco Rey’s 61st Birthday Bash!

The celebration was a huge success with $6.10 street tacos and $3 margaritas. We were blessed to have friends, family, and so many folks in our community come out to join the fun. And for an extra special treat, we got the most beautiful, most detailed, most festive cake we could ever have imagined from the incomparable cake artist, Dillon Barlow!



As amazing as this cake is to see, it was equally as delicious. The cake has our new logo and our signature red, white, and blue 2-headed car painted in full detail. It even has the “God Bless America & Tacos” scripted on the top of the cab. Driving and riding in the car facing the front are our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ramirez. And poking up from the back side of the car are our family legacy owners, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Collazo. It’s incredible to see the detail of the characters!


The front is adorned with an expertly crafted taco to look just like we make them!  The colors, the highlights, the stars, the stripes, the essence of it all – it’s a perfectly SWEET work of art.

We appreciate all the love and support from all our fans, customers, friends, and family for this special day and for all our 61 years. We look forward to many more to come.

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